ByggFakta Live
Siteshop ApS
Bring ByggFakta Live information into SuperOffice with great ease!
GDPR Dashboard and Reporting
Business Analyze AS
Keep an on eye on GDPR status and remain in control of your personal data with effortless database...
Nebula Google Places
InfoBridge Software B.V.
No more typing in an address – this app does it for you!
Pointagram - Gamification
Pointagram AB
Gamification for everyone - compete, motivate and engage your employees.
Salesboard for SuperOffice
i-Centrum AB
Visualize your sales workflow and get a better overview of your sales pipeline.  ...
Vainu for SuperOffice
Find companies that are most likely to buy from you and get notified when to contact existing or p...
Visma Administration Quote
Keyforce AS
This app lets you connect your cloud-based SuperOffice with your server-based Visma Administration...