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Amesto Insight
Amesto Solutions A/S
Insight is a PowerBI connector enabling you to visualize all SuperOffice CRM data in Microsoft Pow...
Avalia Log Time
Avalia AS
Log hours and connect them to SuperOffice projects with this incredibly simple time-tracking app f...
Business Analyze for SuperOffice
Business Analyze AS
Get powerful analytics, dashboards and reporting capabilities with this business intelligence solu...
Contract Manager
i-Centrum AB
Stay on top of all your contracts with easy management and automated reminders.
GDPR Dashboard and Reporting
Business Analyze AS
Get instant access to key figures and reports, helping you effortlessly monitor your SuperOffice d...
Nordeca Insight for SuperOffice
Nordeca AS
Find tailor-made prospects and plan your sales more effectively with this location analytics tool....
NPS for SuperOffice
Amesto Solutions A/S
Get an instant overview of your customer's NPS score and improve your customer journey.
Pointagram - Gamification
Pointagram AB
Gamification for everyone - compete, motivate and engage your employees.
Salesboard for SuperOffice
i-Centrum AB
Visualize your sales workflow and get a better overview of your sales pipeline.  ...
SalesScreen Integration
Gamify, motivate and drive your sales reps to reach their targets in a fun and engaging way with S...