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Synchronize your Office and Google emails, calendars, and documents with SuperOffice CRM. Get seamless access to it all in one place without the need to go back and forth between accounts.

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Activity folders for SuperOffice

Organize your SuperOffice CRM activities, to-do’s and documents in folders.​

InfoBridge Software B.V.

€ 22 per site / month


Get a better overview and control of your projects with a Kanban board in SuperOffice CRM.

i-Centrum AB

€ 7 per user / month

Bisnode Business Contacts for SuperOffice

Access 40 million companies & decision makers instantly through SuperOffice CRM.

i-Centrum AB

€ 50 user range / month

Book My Calendar

Give customers access to your SuperOffice CRM calendar for quick and efficient appointment booking.

i-Centrum AB

€ 2 per user / month

DocArc Online

Combine the familiar folder structure from windows file explorer with the benefits of SuperOffice CRM.

Amesto Solutions A/S

€ 15 per user / month

Document viewer for SuperOffice

Preview your documents and emails directly in SuperOffice CRM to find the right content faster.

InfoBridge Software B.V.

€ 22 per site / month


Search and find it faster! See the content of archived emails, PDFs, documents or images displayed in a mini-tab instantly.


€ 4 per user / month

GetAccept for SuperOffice

Close more deals faster with sales engagement, contract management, and e-signatures in SuperOffice CRM.

i-Centrum AB

€ 5 per user / month

Google Workspace Integration

Use Google Workspace document management to work seamlessly with SuperOffice.  

SuperOffice AS

Office 365 Integration

Use Office 365 for document management seamlessly together with SuperOffice.  

SuperOffice AS

PDF Manager

Convert your SuperOffice CRM documents to PDF with a few clicks.

Amesto Solutions A/S

€ 47 user range / month

Scrive for SuperOffice

Drive sales volumes with integrated e-signing and contract management.

Scrive AB

€ 2,50 per user / month

SuperOffice for Outlook

Stay seamlessly synchronized with SuperOffice for Outlook

SuperOffice AS

SuperOffice Gmail Link

Archive emails and add contact details directly from your Google Gmail inbox into SuperOffice.  

SuperOffice AS

SuperOffice Mobile CRM

Get data and functionality at your fingertips with the SuperOffice CRM app designed for version 9 or later.

SuperOffice AS


SuperOffice Pocket CRM

The SuperOffice CRM app for version 8 or earlier, gives you access to your system anywhere anytime.

SuperOffice AS

Synchronizer for SuperOffice

Keep your Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar items in sync with SuperOffice CRM.

InfoBridge Software B.V.

€ 4.20 per user / month

ValidSign for SuperOffice

With ValidSign for SuperOffice CRM you can easily send your documents for digital signing.


€ 5 per user / month

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