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Activity folders for SuperOffice
InfoBridge Software B.V.
Organize your SuperOffice activities, to-do’s and documents in folders.​
DocArc Online
Amesto Solutions A/S
View and manage your documents and activities easier with structured tree-directory folders.
Document viewer for SuperOffice
InfoBridge Software B.V.
Preview your documents and emails directly in SuperOffice to find the right content faster.
Search and find it faster! See the content of archived emails, PDFs, documents or images displayed...
GetAccept for SuperOffice
i-Centrum AB
Maximise your business by saving time and closing deals faster.
Google Workspace Integration
SuperOffice AS
Use Google Workspace document management to work seamlessly with SuperOffice.  
Office 365 Integration
SuperOffice AS
Use Office 365 for document management seamlessly together with SuperOffice.  
PDF Manager
Amesto Solutions A/S
Convert and save PDF documents within SuperOffice in a few simple clicks.
Scrive for SuperOffice
Scrive AB
Drive sales volumes with integrated e-signing and contract management.
SuperOffice for Outlook
SuperOffice AS
Stay seamlessly synchronized with SuperOffice for Outlook
SuperOffice Gmail Link
SuperOffice AS
Archive emails and add contact details directly from your Google Gmail inbox into SuperOffice.  
SuperOffice Mobile CRM
SuperOffice AS
Get data and functionality at your fingertips with the SuperOffice CRM app designed for version 9 ...
SuperOffice Pocket CRM
SuperOffice AS
The SuperOffice CRM app for version 8 or earlier, gives you access to your system anywhere anytime....
Synchronizer for SuperOffice
InfoBridge Software B.V.
Stay on top of all your tasks and appointments by synchronizing SuperOffice with Exchange, Office ...