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Avalia Log Time

By: Avalia AS

Price: €10 per user per month
Published: 21.09.2018
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: English, Norwegian

Avalia Log Time

By: Avalia AS

Log hours and connect them to SuperOffice projects with this incredibly simple time-tracking app from Avalia.

About this app

Getting accurate data on how you spend your time is essential when you bill your customers by the hour or want to increase productivity in your team.

The Avalia Log Time, or ALT app for short, is a time tracking solution which makes it simple to log and track all your hours and expenses in one place.   

ALT integrates seamlessly with SuperOffice so you can add and relate them to a project from inside the Project view in SuperOffice CRM. You don't have to worry about having to enter your data more than once, because all activities you log in your SuperOffice diary are automatically available in the ALT log. 

By turning your logged hours into easily understandable dashboards, you learn where and on what you spend your time. See how your projects are developing, how team members are performing, and all expenses related to each project at glance. 

And, when it’s time for reporting, click a button and get either a pdf to hand to your customer or your boss, or open an Excel spreadsheet where you can slice and dice the data even more. You can also import the excel file it into your financial system for billing purposes.  

This is all useful because: 

  • You’ll be able to give a trustworthy answer when clients ask what they are paying for
  • You won’t miss out on payment for hours you can’t account for 
  • You can allocate resources for tasks and projects better because you know exactly how much time and expense is actually required. No more guesswork.  

Enable the ALT app for your SuperOffice solution by signing up now!

Key features

  • Time tracking: Project members will easily log their day-to-day activities and connect them to SuperOffice projects. It’s easy for the users to enter and edit, using the separate panel for Quick Add. 
  • SuperOffice integration synchronize all activities into SuperOffice CRM 
  • Dashboard: Useful charts display the complete status of projects, performance, and expenses on a single screen
  • Reports: Get easy-to-use reports in two formats (PDF and XLS), which makes it easy to share your results with multiple contacts
  • External access: The application is accessible to project members outside SuperOffice so that you do not have to log their time in addition to your own
  • Tutorial videos: Get started easily via a set with helpful videos showing you how to use the functionality

Price information

The ALT app is not dependent upon the number of SuperOffice CRM Online users you have, instead, you buy the app for the users who need to use it. All users will see the ALT panels, but only the users with an active ALT app license are able to access the features inside. 

The price of ALT depends upon the number of ALT users you need and is starts from: 

  • €10 per user a month for 1 to 50 users. 

If you need more than 50 users, contact the vendor and get a price quotation.

All prices are excl. vat and based on 12 months subscription, invoiced up front. 




  • A subscription to this app
  • Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is recommended. 

Getting started

  1. Click on the Try or buy button and you will be taken to ALT installation page.
  2. Log in to SuperOffice as the administrator and approve the app. 
  3. Fill out the order form and then click on submit.
  4. The app is installed once you see the success message.
  5. Click on the “Go to SuperOffice” button on the success message page, and SuperOffice will open.
  6. In SuperOffice, check that the ALT panels are visible. If they are not visible, the issue might be solved by flushing your browser (refresh cache).