ByggFakta Live
Siteshop ApS
Bring ByggFakta Live information into SuperOffice with great ease!
Fortnox Quote
Keyforce AS
Create the optimal quote-to-cash experience by connecting with Fortnox Quote.  
inOrder Integration
Keyforce AS
Create orders on the go and ensure that all order information automatically is updated in SuperOff...
Leadenhancer for SuperOffice
Siteshop ApS
Leadenhancer identifies anonymous companies visiting your website and presents the companies in Su...
LinkedIn Connector
Import your LinkedIn contacts and update your SuperOffice CRM relationships.
i-Centrum AB
Work more effectively by visualizing your SuperOffice data with Google Maps.​
Nebula Google Places
InfoBridge Software B.V.
No more typing in an address – this app does it for you!
Nebula Synchronizer
InfoBridge Software B.V.
Stay on top of all your tasks and appointments by synchronizing SuperOffice with Exchange, Office ...
Online Dashboard
Amesto Solutions A/S
Bring your data to life. Transform business critical data into insightful dashboards on any device...
Online Signature
Amesto Solutions A/S
Get contracts digitally signed within minutes and improve your sales process while offering your c...
Pointagram - Gamification
Pointagram AB
Gamification for everyone - compete, motivate and engage your employees.
Salesboard for SuperOffice
i-Centrum AB
Visualize your sales workflow and get a better overview of your sales pipeline.  ...
Ganske Enkelt AS
Send SMS messages directly from SuperOffice and keep a log of all SMS activity. ...
SP CTI Enhancer
SP softwarepartner GmbH
Connect your call system with SuperOffice and make outbound and inbound calls more efficiently. ...
SuperOffice Pocket CRM
SuperOffice AS
Have your full CRM database with you at all times.​
Vainu for SuperOffice
Find companies that are most likely to buy from you and get notified when to contact existing or p...
Visma Addo
Visma Consulting A/S
Digital signature quickly, easily and securely with Visma Addo.