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eMarketeer for SuperOffice

Price: €30 per month
Published: 18.09.2015
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: Danish, Finnish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish

eMarketeer for SuperOffice

Get leads delivered straight to SuperOffice by integrating with eMarketeer, the all-in-one marketing automation tool.

About this app

eMarketeer is a cloud-based marketing automation platform, used by over 1100 companies, where all marketing activities can be managed in just one place. Design and send gorgeous newsletters, manage events from A to Z, do surveys and evaluations, create mobile apps, landing pages, web forms and much more with this easy to use service.

eMarketeer is the only certified marketing automation tool for SuperOffice, and for each of its features, hot leads are delivered straight to SuperOffice. This app is ideal for the digital marketing professional who is looking for more advanced marketing tools without compromising the value of having all CRM information stored in one place.  

Not convinced? See how ABAX and Konventum use eMarketeer for SuperOffice for some inspiration and then join them and other companies that make use of this marketing automation platform tightly integrated with SuperOffice CRM. 

For more information visit eMarketeer’s homepage.

Key features

Contact management 
No more excel sheets! With this tight integration, you can send marketing content to contacts listed in any of your SuperOffice selections and/or projects with just one click. This also works the other way around, contacts can automatically be added to SuperOffice selections and projects.

Marketing automation 
Marketing automation allows you to send relevant information to the right person at precisely the right moment.  Tailor the buyer’s journey to particular interests, then pinpoint hot leads direct to SuperOffice. The automation work on any content format, such as web, landing pages, SMSs and emails. 

Mobile apps 
With eMarketeer, anyone can build a mobile app, no developing skills needed. Just use the same editor where you build your emails and you can, for example, distribute it to a SuperOffice selection via SMS.

See how KMD used the web app for their event

Lead nurturing and notifications
Nurture leads, build knowledge and keep sales in the loop with real-time information on prospects and their behavior. All of it is sent straight to SuperOffice CRM.

Surveys and evaluations
Often, businesses send out customer satisfaction surveys, collect the answers in a report but then forget all about following up on the feedback. Sound familiar? With eMarketeer, you can instead easily edit forms from the template gallery or build your own – tasks are automatically delivered to SuperOffice and the sales team is then well prepared to follow up.

Event Management for SuperOffice  
Design, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process in eMarketeer. This includes pre-event communications, on site registrations, event mobile apps, all the way through to post-event follow-up with the attendants.

Website visits for SuperOffice  
Link contacts to their digital footprints. eMarketeer can see who visited your website as well as which pages they’ve seen – and of course, you can see a report on that in SuperOffice as well. 

What’s new

  • New interface: It’s more than just a new look. The updated interface comes with faster loading time and a chat function to our support team.

  • New and updated reports: The new dashboard report gives an overall view of your marketing performance. The email report now includes data such as open-rate, peak time, and device report.

  • Enriched contact card: As well as a timeline on how a contact engaged in your marketing content, information such as biography and social media profiles are also added to the contact card

Price information

Provided you have a subscription to both eMarketeer and SuperOffice, there’s an additional start-up fee to integrate the two systems.

This fee includes: 

  • customization of templates
  • training
  • consultation to get you started in the most efficient way

If you do not have a subscription to eMarketeer, you can try it out for free and subscriptions start at just €30 per month.

Click here for more pricing information 



  • A subscription to eMarketeer
  • A subscription to SuperOffice CRM
  • At least one person needs to use either the Sales or Complete user plan in SuperOffice CRM Online to take advantage of this integration
  • eMarketeer is browser-based and works in most current browser versions

Getting started

  1. Click the green Sign Up button
  2. Complete the form to submit your order
  3. After submitting your information, an eMarketeer Specialist will contact you to set up a brief software walk-through
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