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Verified for SuperOffice

Price: Free - 1090 NOK site/month
Published: 22.12.2020
Markets: Norway, Sweden
Languages: English

Verified for SuperOffice

Streamline your SuperOffice document signing processes

About this app

Secure a great signing experience for your customers with Verified for SuperOffice CRM.

Use the app to define tailored signing processes which simplify the task of getting documents signed.

For example, onboarding a new customer often requires signing a default set of documents within a given timeframe and a standardized notification message. With Verified for SuperOffice CRM you can predefine these variables so that users can initiate the process faster, and with less room for error.

Verified is an award-winning and user-friendly signing tool that ensures a frictionless process for the recipient. It also reduces the number of clicks and reduces lead time.

Key features

• Sign SuperOffice CRM documents easily with predefined signing processes.

• Available signing methods: BankID (Norway/Sweden), e-mail, and touch-sign.

• Build signing processes by defining document types, signing methods, attachments, and notification messages.

• Documents can be signed by one or multiple signees.

• Automatically remind customers who haven’t signed on time.

• Create text messages with content tailored to different phases of the signing process and include template variables in the message to personalize it.

• Keep track of active processes with the built-in dashboard.

Price information

Verified has a monthly cost depending on which Subscription you want to install. Choose between Free, Go, or Premium Subscription.

The app will be invoiced on a yearly basis in advance. The agreement period is valid for 12 months at a time, with a notice period of 30 days.

In addition, a metered cost per signed document will incur, see the prices below.

Note that:

Free and Go subscriptions require a contract with Ganske Enkelt AS. Premium subscriptions require a contract with both Ganske Enkelt AS and Verified AS/Verified Global AB.

There are two types of signing methods available:

eID: Signing methods with the highest authentication level (level 4 EIDAS) BankID Norway, BankID Sweden, NemID Denmark and FTN Finland

Easysign: Signing methods with a lower authentication level; “Touch Sign,” “E-mail Sign” and “SMS Sign”


  • No monthly fee

  • eID not available

  • Easysign NOK 39 per signature

  • SMS notification NOK 5


  • 1-10 users NOK 490 per month, 11+ users NOK 790 per month

  • eID NOK 15 per signature (BankID NO + SE)

  • Easysign NOK 12 per signature

  • SMS notification NOK 4


  • 1-10 users NOK 690 per month, 11+ users NOK 1.090 per month

  • eID NOK 10 per signature (BankID NO, BankID SE and NemID DK incl. Finland at extra cost)

  • Easysign NOK 7 per signature

  • SMS notification NOK 3

Read vendor terms and conditions here.


  • All subscription plans require SuperOffice CRM Online.

  • Free and Go subscriptions require a contract with Ganske Enkelt AS.

  • Premium subscriptions require a contract with both Ganske Enkelt AS and Verified AS/Verified Global AB.

Getting started

  1. Click Install.

  2. Choose between Free or Go pay plans. This will automatically install the app in your SuperOffice CRM database and you will be ready to start signing documents right away.

  3. The vendor will get in touch shortly to give you an introduction to the app.

If you want to sign up for the Premium subscription, please contact

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