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GetAccept for SuperOffice

Price: €5 user/month
Published: 09.11.2018
Updated: 23.12.2019
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
Languages: English, Swedish

GetAccept for SuperOffice

Maximise your business by saving time and closing deals faster.

About this app

Powerup your SuperOffice CRM with GetAccept’s document tracking, sales automation, and e-signing capabilities. Manage the whole sales process directly from your CRM and save your team time with this easy and effective tool.

GetAccept for SuperOffice integrates GetAccept’s features for improved handling of documents (proposals, agreements, meeting agenda etc) directly into your SuperOffice CRM system. Get the full GetAccept experience without ever having to leave the SuperOffice interface.

Save time when you sign documents with simple and secure electronic signatures directly from SuperOffice. The signature supports a variety of signing methods that are legally binding. The integration automatically archives all documents in SuperOffice as a new activity when the document is signed and sealed.

Maximize your sales by tracking proposals and sales documents. Get push notifications and a detailed analysis of the level of engagement with your documents. Follow up on sales with perfect timing together with the built-in live chat to keep the conversation going from initial pitch to won deal.

Last but not least, create personal video greetings with your documents to keep it more personal.

Key features

Once you connect GetAccept and SuperOffice CRM Online, you can benefit from these key features directly from within your SuperOffice screen:

  • Electronic signature – sign your documents quickly and securely.

  • Document tracking and analytics – see when a document or sales proposal has been opened, by whom, and which part received the most attention.

  • Live chat - send and receive messages directly within the document and create new versions to shorten the e-signing process. Auto-chat using integrated chatbot.

  • Push notifications - get notifications about document activity so you can reach out when your offer is at the top of your customer/prospect’s mind.

  • Deal AcceleratorTM - your sales proposals will be promoted to the decision makers to speed up the sales process.

  • Video introduction – send a personal video presentation with your document to make it stand out from your competitors.

  • Reports - gives managers the relevant analytics they need in order to coach teams and increase profits using electronic signatures.

  • Signed contracts - are automatically uploaded to the company card as an activity.

  • Create selections - using GetAccept as a status, create detailed reports on all documents sent using GetAccept in SuperOffice.

  • Contract Management - manage all your signed contracts and keep track of them with the help of tags, contract reminders and analytics.

What’s new

  • Activate signing order from SuperOffice.
  • Support for BankID (or equivalent) in all the Nordic countries.
  • Add as many attachments as you like from SuperOffice.
  • Easily switch between GetAccept entities from SuperOffice.

Price information

If you are a subscriber to GetAccept and SuperOffice CRM Online already, then all you need is this app to connect the two.

The GetAccept for SuperOffice app is the connection between SuperOffice and GetAccept and is priced €5 per user per month based on an annual subscription. 

Don't have a GetAccept subscription already?

Then you also need to subscribe to GetAccept in order to use this app. Their prices start from:

  • €35 per user per month

  • SEK 350 per user per month

  • NOK 350 per user per month

  • DKK 280 per user per month

Here are their different price plans. Sign up for free directly from the GetAccept website


  • a GetAccept user license – all plans supported. If you don’t have one already you can sign up here
  • a Sales or Complete user plan of SuperOffice CRM Online
  • a subscription to this app

Getting started

  1. Click on Install to start the order process of this app.
  2. Continue by clicking the "Install GetAccept for SuperOffice" button available on the vendor’s app store.
  3. If you are not already logged into SuperOffice CRM Online, you will be asked to log in and then approve that you want this app to connect to your SuperOffice installation. You need to have administrator rights to approve the connection.
  4. You will then see an order form that you need to complete. Confirm your order by clicking Sign up again.  
  5. Next, you are taken to the Control panel for this app. Click on the Install /× Uninstall menu option at the top to complete your installation. Follow the installation instructions. You only need to do this once for your company installation and it will ensure that all the web-panels and features are made available for you inside SuperOffice CRM Online.
  6. Inside SuperOffice CRM, click on the new GetAccept web panel and authorize the connection with GetAccept. Click Approve and login to GetAccept and authorize the access to your GetAccept account. You only need to do this the very first time you want to use the app.
  7. This entire process will take you no more than a few minutes and you are ready to enjoy the GetAccept eSignature features directly from SuperOffice CRM Online. 
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