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DataBridge for SuperOffice

Price: From €55 site/month
Published: 27.06.2016
Updated: 10.07.2020
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: English

DataBridge for SuperOffice

Synchronize SuperOffice with other back-office systems and boost your productivity.

About this app

Dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and utilize back-office data with DataBridge for SuperOffice. Enable SuperOffice CRM Online users to integrate information from other databases, helping to improve your CRM adoption, increase productivity, reduce manual data entry and flip-flopping between various applications.

DataBridge for SuperOffice is a clean, quick and intuitive way to interact with your data in various ways. The app provides you with import, export, and updating opportunities for a number of standard SuperOffice objects. The data integration platform offers pre-built integration possibilities to a growing library of back-office applications, including systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

See a general overview of the type of import and export files that are supported here.

The app was formerly called Nebula DataBridge.

Key features

  • Fully cloud-based, no local installation

  • Scheduled synchronization between SuperOffice Online and various ERP systems

  • Connect all your cloud and on-site data applications and systems to SuperOffice CRM Online

  • Automatic duplication handling

  • Support for online cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One-Drive, (S)FTP

  • Supports various text, Excel, and Google Sheets formats

  • Various proprietary connectors will be available

  • SuperOffice specific support for companies, contacts, activities, sales, projects,  user-defined fields, interests and more

What’s new

  • Multiple persons with the same email address can be updated at once in SuperOffice CRM

  • New consents can now be created in eMarketeer

Version history: Click here

Price information

Your price plan depends on the number of users you have in SuperOffice CRM Online. Each price plan is billed annually. 

Price plans: 

Lite: Up to 10 users. Includes 3 profiles and 3 schedules.

  • €55 per site per month

  • NOK 595 per site per month

  • SEK 580 per site per month

  • DKK 409 per site per month

  • CHF 59 per site per month

  • £50 per site per month

Standard: 11-25 users. Includes 5 profiles and 5 schedules.

  • €110 per site per month

  • NOK 1190 per site per month

  • SEK 1158 per site per month

  • DKK 820 per site per month

  • CHF 117 per site per month

  • £99 per site per month

Intermediate: 26-50 users. Includes 10 profiles and 10 schedules.

  • €155 per site per month

  • NOK 1680 per site per month

  • SEK 1630 per site per month

  • DKK 1155 per site per month

  • CHF 165 per site per month

  • £140 per site per month

Enterprise: 51+ users. Includes 15 profiles and 15 schedules.

  • €245 per site per month

  • NOK 2650 per site per month

  • SEK 2580 per site per month

  • DKK 1825 per site per month

  • CHF 260 per site per month

  • £221 per site per month

Add profiles for:

  • €25.00 per extra profile

  • NOK 270 per extra profile

  • SEK 263 per extra profile

  • DKK 186 per extra profile

  • CHF 27 per extra profile

  • £22.50 per extra profile

One-time import: 
If you are new to SuperOffice CRM Online and want to import your data or perhaps have bought new contact data that you want to get into SuperOffice, InfoBridge offers a onetime import option that gives you full access to DataBridge for SuperOffice for 30 days.

The price is: (Pricing is before TAX, and local TAX rules apply)

  • €100

  • NOK 972

  • SEK 1056

  • DKK 746

  • CHF 113.60

  • £85.70

Consultancy services, such as help to get started with the app, are also available for an additional fee. Contact your local SuperOffice representative to book.

Payment methods:

Billing doesn't have to be a hassle. We believe in options. InfoBridge offers invoices in your local currency, and you can select to be invoiced either by:

  • Invoice by email

  • Receive invoice from your SuperOffice/Visma partner


Why not try DataBridge for SuperOffice for free for 30 days? No credit card needed.


  • A subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online 
  • All user plans are supported

Getting started

  1. Click on the Sign up button.
  2. Complete the registration form on the DataBridge for SuperOffice administration page.
  3. Confirm that you allow the app to access your SuperOffice CRM Online installation.
  4. Create your data profile, select your source, map the fields, and you will be processing data in no time.
  5. See this video tutorial page for how to set up your first profile.

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