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Synchronizer for SuperOffice

Price: €4.20 user/month
Published: 15.07.2015
Updated: 25.02.2021
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: English

Synchronizer for SuperOffice

Stay on top of all your tasks and appointments by synchronizing SuperOffice with Exchange, Office 365, Gmail or G Suite calendar.​ 

About this app

Being up to date with your appointments is easier when all your calendars are in sync. Synchronizer for SuperOffice makes it possible for your SuperOffice calendar to talk to other calendars and shows you all your appointments, tasks, contacts and selections in one place.

Synchronizer for SuperOffice allows you to share your schedule with people who don’t use SuperOffice and gives you offline access to your appointments on any device.

The cloud-based app does not need client-side plugins, giving you full control to manage your schedule. Install the app today and let it help your organization boost SuperOffice CRM adoption and increase sales productivity by reducing manual data entry and flip-flopping between different calendar applications.

Key features

  • Synchronize your SuperOffice diary with:

    • Microsoft Office 365

    • Google Workspace calendar apps

    • Hosted Exchange

    • On-site exchange server

  • Two-way synchronization so you don’t have to think about more than one calendar

  • Cloud integration service means nothing to install locally

  • Contact information associated with appointments are synchronized to your device, available on your phone or tablet even when you’re offline

  • Synchronize your calendar up to 6 months into the future

  • Select the SuperOffice activities and tasks you want to synchronize

  • If you operate in Germany, you can access localized German email templates

What’s new


Version history: Click here 

Price information

The number of users follows the number of users you have in SuperOffice CRM Online. Billed annually. 


  • €4.20 per user per month

  • NOK 38 per user per month

  • SEK 39 per user per month

  • DKK 31 per user per month

  • CHF 4,20 per user per month

  • £3.15 per user per month

Payment methods:
Billing doesn't have to be a hassle. We believe in options. InfoBridge offers invoices in your local currency, and you can select to be invoiced either by:

  • Invoice by email

  • Credit card

  • Receive invoice from your SuperOffice/Visma partner


Why not try Synchronizer for SuperOffice for free for 30 days? No credit card needed. 


You need a SuperOffice CRM Online subscription (all plans supported) and an email server to use this app. 

The following software versions are fully compatible with Synchronizer for SuperOffice:


  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher
  • Outlook Web Access

Apple Mac OSX

  • OSX 10.11 El Capitan and higher
  • Calendar for Mac (connected to Exchange or Google)
  • Contacts for Mac (connected to Exchange or Google)

Mobile devices

All mobile devices are supported as long as the installed applications connect to an Exchange or a Google environment.

  • Note for Windows: All clients must be connected to a supported Microsoft Exchange environment
  • Note for Mac OSX: All clients must be connected to a supported Microsoft Exchange or Google environment. iCloud is not supported.

See the complete list of supported Exchange or Google calendars versions.

Or, take this free compatibility test to be 100% sure that your systems are compatible. 

Getting started

  1. Click on the Sign up button.
  2. Complete the registration form on Synchronizer for SuperOffice administration page and confirm your purchase of their service.
  3. Confirm that you allow this app to access your SuperOffice installation.

Set up your synchronization service in Synchronizer for SuperOffice portal. Check out these how-to videos for Synchronizer for SuperOffice to see how easily you can do this. 

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