Tripletex Sync

Price: €8 user/ month
Published: 20.11.2018
Markets: Norway
Languages: Danish, Finnish, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Tripletex Sync

Work more effectively by connecting SuperOffice with your Tripletex system.

About this app

Tripletex is an online financial system for the Norwegian market. 

The Tripletex Sync app lets you connect with your cloud-based Tripletex solution. It synchronizes customer data and gives you visibility of orders and invoices inside SuperOffice. 

By using this app, you enjoy:

  • Savings on time –  no more searching for customer data in more than one system and no need to learn or update two systems.
  • More efficient work experience – always working with a full 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Better data quality – update customer data one time only, as new information is automatically synchronized to the other system. Less room for errors and out-of-date information.

This means your customers get:

  • Faster response times, because your people get easy access to relevant information.
  • Better and more informed customer service, because they can base decisions on real information and not assumptions.
  • Greater customer experiences, as fewer data errors improve the overall experience and trust in your company.

Key features

  • Connect existing SuperOffice companies to your Tripletex customer/supplier lists, and create new Tripletex customers/suppliers from within SuperOffice.
  • View financial data from Tripletex in SuperOffice, and view lists based on contact, customer, supplier, or project.

Price information

Standard: The app is priced per user per month and follows the number of users you have for SuperOffice CRM Online.

€8 per user per month
NOK 70, SEK 70, DKK 60 

Additional clients: If you have different divisions or subsidiaries using separate Tripletex ERP clients, you may add additional clients to your sync solution. This is charged per additional client per month, independent of the number of users you have:

€33 per additional ERP client/month
NOK 290, SEK 290, DKK 245


  • Read Keyforce’s subscription terms 
  • Beta: This app is currently in beta, meaning that it is still in the testing phase. All new apps are first published in a beta program. By clicking "I approve" and start using the app during its beta period, you have by default accepted the Beta Agreement Terms


  • a Tripletex license subscription
  • a Tripletex Sync license subscription for all your SuperOffice CRM Online users
  • a subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online – all user plans are supported

During installation, a guide will provide information about local environmental requirements.

Getting started

  1. Click on Sign up and accept the terms and conditions to confirm your purchase.
  2. Confirm that you allow this app to access SuperOffice CRM Online.
  3. Follow the instructions of the provisioning website, and the app will automatically be set up for you.
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