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Visma NET Quote

Price: From € 9 per user per month
Published: 31.05.2017
Markets: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Languages: Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Visma NET Quote

Create the optimal quote-to-cash user experience by connecting SuperOffice Quote with

About this app

Sales people use SuperOffice CRM Online to support their sales processes. Why force them to learn and use your ERP system just to create quotes?

This Visma Net Quote integration app allows you to create quotations in SuperOffice Quote. By accessing directly from Financials, where your product and price catalogues live, the integration ensures you always include the latest and correct product details, discounts, and prices.

When a quotation becomes an order, all you have to do is to place the order in SuperOffice Quote and the information is automatically sent back to Financials, for invoicing.  

This app is an extension to the Visma NET Sync app and will complete your seamless integration with Financials.

Key features

  • Work in SuperOffice Quote and fetch price details directly from Financials in real-time.
  • Be confident that prices and quotes are correct and up-to-date.
  • All product lists and price lists from are available in SuperOffice Quote – no need to update and manage two lists.
  • Transfer order details directly to Financials by clicking a button in SuperOffice. No double entry. No need for sales people to work in your financial system. 

Price information

Standard: The Visma NET Quote app comes with a set of predefined fields that are set by your ERP client. The app is priced per user per month and follows the number of users that have SuperOffice Quote access (this means all sales and all complete users). The app is offered in four currencies:

  • €9 per user per month

  • NOK 80 per user per month

  • SEK 80 per user per month

  • DKK 60 per user per month

Additional clients: If you have different divisions with separate ERP clients, you can add additional clients to your sync solution. This is charged per additional client per month, independent upon the number of users you have:

  • €44 per additional ERP client per month

  • NOK 390 per additional ERP client per month

  • SEK 390 per additional ERP client per month

  • DKK 300 per additional ERP client per month

Additional consultancy services are offered if you would like help setting up the app. 



  • This app requires you to also use the Visma NET Sync app which will link your customers in SuperOffice with Financials.
  • Users who are going to use this app also need to use the SuperOffice Sales or Complete user plan to have access to SuperOffice Quote.
  • A account.

Getting started

  1. Click Sign Up and accept terms and conditions to confirm your purchase.
  2. Confirm that you allow this app to access SuperOffice CRM Online.
  3. Follow the instructions of the provisioning website and your app will automatically be set up for you.

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