Visma Sign

Price: From 0.20€ per signature
Published: 03.06.2019
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: English, Norwegian

Visma Sign

Eliminate paperwork with digital signatures. Visma Sign takes document signing and archiving to the next level.

About this app

Make your contract signing process easier and more efficient with Visma Sign for SuperOffice CRM. Remove all the hassle of traditional paper chasing and embrace a fully digital process.

With Visma Sign, you send and archive every step of the document signing process – including offers, contracts and final agreements – directly through your SuperOffice interface. No more printing, using envelopes, postmen or filing binders!

Visma Sign will collect the signature(s), as well as check and authenticate the signer’s identity through BankID, NemID or light authentication. Once the document is signed, each party will automatically receive a copy while yours will be saved directly in SuperOffice CRM, helping you to avoid bottlenecks and close deals faster.

Strong authentication (BankID / NEM ID) is supported in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Light Authentication is available for all other countries.

Strong identification means that the identity of the person signing is confirmed either with online banking codes or MobileID’s and is always recommended if possible. Strong identification with Visma Sign works in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

With light authentication the signer draws the signature with a desktop or mobile device. Light authentication is a flexible option to collect signatures that works in all countries without banking codes/MobileID.

Digital signatures save up to 90% in both time and cost of traditional signing methods – so what are you waiting for

Key features

  • Send documents for signing to multiple recipients directly from SuperOffice CRM. Message templates make sending easy and fast.

  • Monitor the signing process – get status updates from signed documents.

  • Archive signed documents in SuperOffice CRM for full visibility on the customer card.

  • Automatic filing in Visma Sign gives the recipient seven years of easy access to their signed documents.

  • Secure identification and signing with online banking codes such as BankID and NemID provide security for you and the customer.

  • Sign across the Nordic countries with strong authentication– users of Visma Sign can get documents signed with BankID / NEM ID in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. A document can be signed by people from several countries.

  • Sign in the rest of the world with light authentication.

  • Competitive pricing – only pay for what you use, no fixed costs.

What’s new

  • Support for light authentication.

  • Support for two-factor authentication.

  • Select a folder in the Visma Sign portal for all documents sent and archived through SuperOffice (they are of course also archived in SuperOffice CRM).

  • Configure a standard reply-to address

Price information

Integration price (per signature).

From 1 to 1000 signatures per month: 

  • €0.20​ per signature

  • 2 NOK per signature

  • 1.6 DKK per signature

  • 2 SEK per signature 

From 1001 to 3000 signatures per month: 

  • €0.15 per signature 

  • 1,50 NOK per signature 

  • 1,20 DKK per signature 

  • 1,50 SEK per signature 

From 3001 to 6000 signatures per month: 

  • €0.15 per signature

  • 1,50 NOK per signature 

  • 1,20 DKK per signature  

  • 1,50 SEK per signature 

From 6001 to 9000 signatures per month: 

  • €0.15 per signature 

  • 1,50 NOK per signature  

  • 1,20 DKK per signature  

  • 1,50 SEK per signature 

From 9001+ signatures per month: 

  • €0.10 per signature 

  • 1 NOK per signature  

  • 0,80 DKK per signature  

  • 1 SEK per signature 


Terms and conditions (Keyforce)

Need a Visma Sign subscription?


  • All SuperOffice user plans are supported 
  • Visma Sign Account (with an organization)

Getting started

  1. Click Sign Up and accept the terms and conditions. 
  2. Confirm that you allow this app to access SuperOffice CRM Online. 
  3. Accept the organization link.
  4. Go to your Visma Sign installation and accept the Service Connection “SuperOffice” under Settings - Organization
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