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LeadX 360

By: LeadX

Price: From $1 per user per month
Published: 25.05.2021
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: English

LeadX 360

By: LeadX

Generate new leads by giving everyone in your organization and network incentives to share leads

About this app

LeadX 360 is a simple and powerful platform that enables all of your employees to share hot leads and make introductions for your company - and add new leads automatically into your pipeline in SuperOffice.

Traditional lead channels, such as marketing automation and paid advertisement, struggle with low conversion rates and high customer acquisition costs, and this impacts your growth and revenue potential. Sales and marketing activities are usually centered around smaller sales teams.

LeadX 360 changes the game completely.

LeadX brings you a new lead channel that provides leads from personal networks and close connections straight to your sales pipeline in SuperOffice CRM.

With LeadX 360 you can create a new sales culture that helps your company share and process leads across organizational silos by giving your shareholders, customers, and partners the ability to share leads easily and be rewarded.

The app is an ideal platform to enable external partners to be your ambassadors and empowers all the customer contact points in your organization for lead generation.

Key features

  • Builds strong sales culture and make everyone activate leads.

  • Unites the company through real-time data and mobilizes all staff to boost sales.

  • Feeds your sales team with hot and high quality leads.

  • Lowers cost-per-lead, for every new lead.

  • Reduces customer acquisition cost.

  • Gamifies lead generation and rewards employees and partners.

  • Allows shareholders to be more involved in growing your business.

  • Rewards and recognizes the person who generated a lead.

  • Accessible from multiple platforms - mobile and web.

  • Enables you to enter a lead directly from your mobile within 10 seconds

  • Hot leads are transferred from LeadX into SuperOffice with Company, Contact and new Sales opportunity details ready to be worked on by a sales representative

Price information

A subscription package is required to use LeadX 360. The subscription package is comprised of different user licenses and can be configured to fit your exact needs.

You can get started quickly with their special discounted introduction packages that fit the needs of most customers:

  • LeadX 360 START-UP: for the start-up ready to involve your network of partners and stakeholders - $199 USD/month

  • LeadX 360 SME: for SME ready to utilize personal networks and grow rapidly - $399/month

  • LeadX 360 ENTERPRISE: give your complex network of strategic partners, shareholders and multiple organizations a level up: $599/month.

Or you can customize your package and choose from 4 different user licenses starting at $1 per user per month:

  • Involve external partners, customers and stakeholders with the LITE user license

  • Involve all your staff with the BASIC user license

  • Give your sales professionals PROFESSIONAL user license to close leads faster than ever

  • Manage and control your leads with a MANAGER user license

All subscriptions include a free ADMIN user license to allow you to tailor LeadX 360 and to manage the SuperOffice CRM online integration.

The integration to SuperOffice CRM Online is included in the subscription to LeadX 360.

See the complete overview of different prices and packages for more details.




  • A SuperOffice Sales user plan or a Complete user plan.

  • A LeadX 360 subscription package.

Getting started

  1. Click on Free Trial to start the order process of this app.

  2. Continue by purchasing the LeadX 360 subscription package that fits your needs and fill in your organisation details. SuperOffice CRM integration is included in the subscription package.

  3. When you have completed the purchase of the subscription package the LeadX 360 customer success team will get in touch with you to finalize the setup.

  4. The LeadX customer success team will help you go through the steps needed to connect with your SuperOffice tenancy, map your sales process to LeadX and correctly configure the synchronisation of data between SuperOffice and LeadX 360*.

  5. Once you have been successfully set up, you can go and download our mobile apps to start creating new leads on the go.

Read more about getting started here

*It is possible to configure the SuperOffice CRM to LeadX 360 connection on your own, but as it can get technical so we highly recommend that you allow our customer success team to help you getting started.