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Oneflow for SuperOffice

Price: €38 per user per month
Published: 20.03.2020
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: Danish, Finnish, French, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Oneflow for SuperOffice

Close deals faster with contract management and e-signatures inside SuperOffice.

About this app

With Oneflow’s end-to-end contract management tool you can create, negotiate, track, and e-sign your sales documents directly from SuperOffice CRM.

Help your teams collaborate and have instant access to all contract data in one place. Create a seamless workflow throughout the entire customer journey from proposal and negotiation to the final signing.

Enjoy shorter sales cycles by having only one workflow from proposal to sign. Use data already entered in SuperOffice CRM to automatically populate onto your contract. No risk of errors or time-consuming admin!

Close deals 8x faster with live negotiation. Make edits to your contract in real-time with your prospect, without emailing back and forth. With interactive product tables and automated price calculations, your prospect can easily add more items and see discounts.

Increase the hit-rate by making it easy for prospects to sign. Send your contracts for e-signing with BankID, NemID, FTN, or standard e-signing with email and SMS.

Track prospect interaction with your contract. See when they open it, how many times, and if they make any changes. Use these insights to plan the perfect follow up.

Fast, easy, and works on all devices – so you can do business anytime, anywhere.

Key features

  • Automated workflow – manage the entire customer journey inside SuperOffice CRM. Create, send, and sign your sales documents with a few clicks.

  • Live editing – negotiate and make changes to your contract, in real-time, from any device, even after it’s been sent.

  • Tracking – see when your prospect opens your contract or document, how many times, and if they make any comments or changes, and of course, when they sign.

  • Personalized Video Greeting – impress your prospect by sending your contract with a personalized video greeting. Or, record your screen to walk your prospect through your offering.

  • Instant notifications – get notified when your prospect interacts with your contract and if the validity is about to expire.

  • E-signatures – sign your documents securely with either eID or standard e-signing by email or SMS.

  • Collections – store your documents in different collections to make sure the right person/department always has access to them.

  • Templates – create your sales documents from web-based, interactive templates.

  • Product table – your prospect can add more items to your contract, making your deal potentially larger.

  • Data fields – skip manual workflow by having the data already entered in SuperOffice automatically populated onto your document.

Price information

Oneflow for SuperOffice starts with a free 14-day trial. After that, the subscription is billed annually at:

  • €38 per user per month

  • SEK 380 per user per month

  • NOK 380 per user per month

  • DKK 380 per user per month

Take a closer look at Oneflow’s pricing terms and conditions.


You need to sign up with Oneflow using the same email as your SuperOffice CRM account.

If you don’t have a Oneflow account yet, contact us at and we’ll help you get started.

Getting started

Please read this simple how-to-guide and get started within seconds.