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Apsis Pro for SuperOffice

Price: From 60€ per site/month
Published: 18.09.2019
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Apsis Pro for SuperOffice

Connect your APSIS email marketing tool with SuperOffice to seamlessly create email lists and follow up on response and bounces.


About this app

Email marketing is a vital channel when you want to get your message out fast and loud. Email marketing improves customer loyalty, increases your sales, and strengthens your brand.

With over 6.000 marketers in 50 countries, APSIS Pro is Scandinavia's most used email marketing software. 

APSIS Pro contain advanced email marketing features letting you create relevant, dynamic content that automatically personalises every newsletter you send. 

With the APSIS Pro app for SuperOffice you combine SuperOffice selections with APSIS email marketing functionality in a seamless integration to get the best of both power-tools.  

  • Smoother work processes: You’ll create selections in SuperOffice CRM Online and use them directly as email lists in APSIS, which means no need for importing lists or maintaining contacts in two systems.
  • Precise targeting: You see who opened which emails and what links they clicked. From there you form selections based on the type of response, which opens up a range of segmentation possibilities.
  • Clean and tidy email lists: Cleaning up bounces is easier because you get a list of bounces inside SuperOffice to help you steadily keep your email list updated.  

Sign up today to combine the strength of APSIS Pro with the power of SuperOffice CRM! 

Key features

  • Connect SuperOffice selections with APSIS lists to add SuperOffice contact persons
  • See email marketing response history for each company and contact person in SuperOffice web panel and as SuperOffice CRM activities.
  • Search tool that lets you create selections in SuperOffice CRM based on APSIS email response
  • Get notified in SuperOffice whenever an email bounces
  • Manage APSIS Pro from within SuperOffice CRM

Price information

The price of this app depends upon the price plan you have of APSIS Pro and is:

Entry (1-10.000 subscribers)

  • €60 per site per month

Business (10.000 – 50.000 subscribers)

  • €95 per site per month

Enterprise (50.000 – 100.000 subscribers)

  • €140 per site per month

In addition, there is a one-off Start-up fee = 540€

The integration app is invoiced by APSIS International AB together with the APSIS Pro subscription yearly and up front. 



  • APSIS Pro subscription
  • SuperOffice CRM Online account (all user plans supported) 

Getting started

  1. Click on Sign Up to initiate the setup.
  2. Enter all needed information on the sign-up pages and confirm.
  3. Approve the app to "shake hands" with your SuperOffice CRM Online installation in the dialog box that appears.
    • Note: You need to be an administrator to approve, and you must be logged in.
  4. The registration has now been sent to APSIS. You will receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter that also guides you through the last steps of the setup.

Note: This app is currently in beta, meaning that it is still in the testing phase. All new apps in the SuperOffice App Store are first published in a beta program.

By completing the registration form and start using the app during its beta period, you have by default accepted the Beta Agreement Terms.  

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