Bisnode Markedsdata

Price: From 2.033 DKK a month
Published: 05.07.2017
Markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Languages: Danish

Bisnode Markedsdata

Boost the quality of your data in SuperOffice with direct updates from the Danish Bisnode Markedsdata database.

About this app

Don´t waste any more time manually adding new companies into SuperOffice CRM Online. Use the Bisnode Markedsdata app to search, find, add and update companies in SuperOffice directly.

The app will provide you with up-to-date contact data as well as figures on your customers and prospects financial situation. Read their account reports in PDF or look at their credit rating without leaving SuperOffice. Everything is presented neatly in a web panel and the mini-card.

Find target groups you want to work with and import them to a Selection easily. Update existing companies in SuperOffice one by one or activate the auto-update feature (sold separately).

With comprehensive information on all Danish companies at your fingertips in SuperOffice, it has never been easier to achieve and work with high quality.



Key features

  • Search and import new companies and contacts from Bisnode Markedsdata
  • Add companies to a Selection for further processing in SuperOffice
  • Update existing companies one by one or with the auto-update feature (sold separately)
  • See trends and profiles in charts in the mini-card
  • See detailed financial and accounting information in the Bisnode info web panel 
  • No duplicates because SuperOffice will notify you if the company you are importing already exists in your database

Price information

The app is priced per company per month. The price includes both unlimited access to the GDPR vetted Bisnode data, as well as the actual app that integrates Bisnode with SuperOffice CRM. 

The app is sold as a yearly subscription and is based on the number of users. 

Prices are as follows and in Danish kroner (DKK):

  • 1-5 users: 2,033 DKK per month
  • 6-10 users: 2,733 DKK per month
  • 11-25 users: 4,475 DKK per month
  • 26-50 users: 6,683 DKK per month
  • 51-100 users: 10,158 DKK per month


  • All SuperOffice CRM user plans are supported
  • Minimum of one available user defined field (short text) on the company card and one on the contact card
  • SuperOffice 8 or later is supported for clients with onsite subscriptions

Getting started

  1. Click on Install to initiate the setup
  2. Enter requested information on the sign-up pages and confirm
  3. Approve the app to talk to SuperOffice CRM Online (you need to be an administrator to do this)
  4. You will receive a confirmation email that guides you through the final steps of the setup
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