Integration Cloud

Price: From €99 site per month
Published: 05.07.2017
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Integration Cloud

Super-charge the content of your SuperOffice by connecting it to any of your cloud or onsite based data sources.

About this app

Unleash the power of having access to all your customer details from back-office systems, inside SuperOffice CRM Online.

Integration Cloud is a cloud-based integration service that quickly and safely lets you connect any of your cloud or onsite based data sources to SuperOffice. Offering real-time updates Integration Cloud will instantly create or update data in SuperOffice when changes are made and sent from your other back-office system.

Here are a few examples of what some of our customers use Integration Cloud for:

  • Synchronizing customer data from different ERP systems to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Instantly registering bookings from online booking systems as appointments in the SuperOffice calendar
  • Importing ERP order information to SuperOffice for Pipeline management
  • Importing website newsletter registrations from their websites directly to SuperOffice (could include person interests and putting customers into a selection)

Key features

  • Real-time import and update of data into SuperOffice CRM Online from your data sources
  • Cloud based – no Siteshop software needed to be installed locally
  • Formats supported: CSV, XML, JSON
  • Send data to either Siteshop sftp server or Siteshop web service
  • No data is stored after processing
  • Boost function for updating larger amounts of data
  • Duplicate handling
  • Supported SuperOffice objects include: Company, Contact Person, Relation, Activity, Document, Sale, Project, Project member, Interest (company and contact person), Selection, Selection member, Product + Price list (for quote) and all user defined fields and lists
  • Automatic insertion of missing list items in SuperOffice lists.

Price information

The price depends on the expected traffic generated, the number of SuperOffice users, the number of imports and the number of daily records.

Standard integration using standard Siteshop formats

  • Small: 1-10 SuperOffice users, 1-5 import profiles, maximum of 10,000 daily updates.
    Price per month: €99, DKK 740, NOK 826, SEK 972
  • Medium: 11-30 SuperOffice users; 6-7 import profiles; maximum of. 20,000 daily updates
    Price per month: €149, DKK 1.110, NOK 1.240, SEK 1.461
  • Large: 31-100 SuperOffice users; 8-10 import profiles; maximum of. 40,000 daily updates
    Price per month: €225, DKK 1.700, NOK 1.876, SEK 2.207
  • Huge: 100+ SuperOffice users; 10-25 import profiles; maximum of 100,000 daily updates
    Price per month: €300, DKK 2.250, NOK 2.500, SEK 2.941

Pro Integration using your custom field formats will require consultancy. This carries a 50% premium to the price of Standard Integration.

Enterprise Integration using custom web services will require consultancy. this carries a 100% premium to the price of Standard Integration.

Please contact Siteshop if you have a requirement of more than 100,000 daily updates.


  • A subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online

You will need to be able to upload your file either via sFTP client to send files or learn how to use the Integration Cloud web services and set up your connection directly via web services. 

Getting started

  1. Click on Install
  2. Complete the registration form on the Siteshop installations page. Select if you like to use a Siteshop sftp server or Siteshop web services to send data.
  3. Confirm that you allow Siteshop Information Studio (this app) to access your SuperOffice CRM Online
  4. Prepare your data according to the guide that will be sent to you by email

For a full understanding of all the possibilities and opportunities with Cloud Integration, and a smooth installation, contact your SuperOffice partner or Siteshop. Our experts are at hand to get you going quickly and easily.

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