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G Suite Integration

Price: Free
Published: 12.03.2015
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Languages: Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

G Suite Integration

Use Google's ​G Suite document management to work seamlessly with SuperOffice.  

About this app

When you have chosen a pure cloud-based office experience, like Google's G Suite, you most likely want all your documents in one place only.

This app integrates G Suite’s document management function so that you can create, store, and find your documents within SuperOffice, and enjoy the benefits of both services all in one place.

Simply sign in to SuperOffice using your Google G Suite login details and then open, edit and store documents in G Suite directly from SuperOffice.

Key features

  • Single sign-in to SuperOffice CRM Online using your G Suite account
  • Google’s two-factor authentication is supported  
  • Use Google's G Suite Office Apps to edit SuperOffice documents from any computer
  • Store documents written via SuperOffice directly and seamlessly in your G Suite
  • Benefit from all the document management features available in G Suite directly from your SuperOffice
  • Choose whether specific templates or all documents should be automatically stored in your G Suite
  • Open and view documents written via SuperOffice in your Pocket CRM even when stored in your G Suite
  • Archive e-mails as documents in SuperOffice and store them in your G Suite


Price information

There is no charge to use this app, but in addition to a subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online, it does require you to have a subscription to G Suite which starts at €4 per user per month. 



  • This app is available for all SuperOffice user plans
  • All users must have a G Suite user account (a private Google + or Gmail account is not sufficient)
  • Administrator access to SuperOffice Online is needed to grant permission
  • Access to a dedicated G Suite apps service account, or the ability and rights to create one


  • All documents written in SuperOffice will be stored in the Google cloud, and available to open and edit in SuperOffice CRM Online
  • If you want to use your G Suite account to edit SuperOffice templates, the SuperOffice templates need to be moved from SuperOffice to your G Suite account
  • Moving templates from SuperOffice to G Suite is offered as a paid service
  • Old documents will not automatically be moved from SuperOffice to G Suite
  • No support for 'Quote Details Templates', and 'Quotations templates' containing merge field <<QuoteDetails>>, when document is to be stored in Google Drive


Getting started

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