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Visma Addo

Price: From DKK 6,50 per document
Published: 31.10.2016
Updated: 17.06.2021
Markets: Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Visma Addo

Digital signature quickly, easily and securely with Visma Addo. 

About this app

Visma Addo is a digital signature solution that lets you quickly and easily streamline your signing procedure, and store your signed documents directly in SuperOffice. Visma Addo is the cheapest solution on the market for the digital signature of documents and you only pay for documents that are signed.

You can send documents via email or text message and your clients will experience a modern solution that allows them to sign documents anywhere and at any time - on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Your clients can sign documents using:

  • Bank ID (NO)
  • Touchscreen on smartphone or tablet
  • Mouse (PC or Mac)
  • NemID (DK) 
  • Svensk Bank ID (S) 
  • Tupas (FIN) - coming soon 


"Visma Addo reaches everyone, both the busy client traveling abroad and the many members of a board. With Visma Addo we collect signatures digitally, quickly, easily and above all professional. Effective for both our clients and us " - Jesper Langemark, Partner, Bird & Bird a global law firm.

Key features

  • Cheapest solution on the market - you only pay for documents that are signed
  • 100% Legal validity. The provable security is even greater when using Visma Addo than plain paper
  • Clients can sign whenever and wherever using both their smartphone, tablet or PC - no delay
  • Safe and secure 
  • Multiple signing solutions for your clients

What’s new

Visma Addo is now also available for:

  • NemID (DK) 
  • Svensk Bank ID (S) 

Price information

The Visma Addo app for is free to download and use; you only pay for documents that get signed through the app. There is no monthly fee or other charges.

To send a document for the digital signature you need ‘credits’ which you buy in the online Visma Addo solution, The payment of a signature will depend on how you wish your users should sign your document and how many credits you wish to buy.

Get your first 10 free credits here

Here a list of how many credits you need per signature:

  • Mobile signature: 1 Credit

  • Norwegian BankID: 2 Credits

  • Danish NemID: 1,25 Credits

  • Swedish BankID: 1,25 Credits

  • Finnish Tupas: Coming soon

Price: Payment in DKK. Local VAT is added.

  • 1 credit: 15,00 DKK

  • 50 credits: 12,00 DKK per credit

  • 100 credits: 10,00 DKK per credit

  • 500 credits: 8,50 DKK per credit

  • 1000 credits: 7,50 DKK per credit

  • 2000 credits: 7,00 DKK per credit

  • 5000 credits: 6,50 DKK per credit

  • More than 5000 credit: contact us.

The more credits you buy the more you save. No subscription.

Check out the full price-list here



Getting started

How to get started:

  1. Click "Install"
  2. Approve the Visma Addo app (you need administrator rights to do this)
  3. Log in to your Visma Addo account
  4. Log in again to your SuperOffice CRM Online
  5. Your Visma Addo connection is now installed and the new tabs have been added


Note: To use Visma Addo in SuperOffice you need to make sure that you a have credits on your account. You can buy credits for your account on It is also important that you set your distribution settings in Visma Addo to SuperOffice which will transfer your documents directly into Super Office when they are signed.

To send a document for digital signature using Visma Addo in SuperOffice:

  1. Add your document
  2. In the document sub menu, find More and check the box ‘Sign with Visma Addo’
  3. In the tab ‘Visma Addo’ your document will appear.
  4. Press ‘Send for signing’ 
  5. Choose how your client or customer should sign and then send your document
  6. When the document is signed it will be distributed back into Super Office and will be available to under the tab ‘Visma Addo’