Clever design and exceptional robustness

Read SpinChem’s new application note to learn how the robustness and clever design of the rotating bed reactor (RBR) circumvents problems associated with a loosely packed fixed bed reactor (FBR) column.

Robust performance

Through flow simulation, the SpinChem® RBR was found to be extremely robust with respect to the density of the packed solid phase bed within. Adverse effects of channelling, that can occur in non-optimally packed solid phase beds, had very little impact on the performance of the RBR, while the performance of the FBR was greatly diminished.

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Avoid flow channelling complications

The overall flow through a SpinChem® RBR will increase as channelling occurs, meaning that the flow through a specific, optimally packed point of the bed, will stay unchanged, even as the flow rate through a more loosely packed part of the bed increases due to less resistance. This is contrary to FBRs, where flow channelling causes major problems.


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