Fast and simple parallel reaction screening

Read SpinChem’s new application notes to learn how the magnetic rotating bed reactor (MagRBR) can simplify the screening of solid biocatalysts for your biotransformation reaction, or help finding the most suitable enzyme immobilization resin for your enzyme.

Lipase screening

The first application note aimed at finding the most efficient immobilized lipase for an esterification of lauric acid into propyl laurate. The MagRBR format enabled a time-efficient parallel screening of six different immobilized lipases with minimum manual work, and could also be used further to optimize reaction conditions.

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Enzyme immobilization

In the second application note, six resins with different properties were screened for the immobilization of CalB. The immobilization was easily monitored by withdrawing samples for enzyme activity measurement, without any need for filtration. The easy MagRBR format, together with the variety of resins within the screening kit, allowed quick determination of the most suitable resin for CalB.

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