Efficient processing of highly viscous solutions

Read SpinChem’s latest application note to learn about how the ingenious design of the rotating bed reactor (RBR) enables efficient processing of highly viscous media, with significantly better and faster results than those obtained using a conventional stirred tank reactor (STR).

Glycerol decolouration

For a high viscosity dye extraction experiment, the SpinChem® RBR reached a 10 times lower dye concentration than a conventional STR set-up, in just over 40% of the time. Both methods were used to remove Allura red dye from a glycerol solution, 116 times more viscous than water at room temperature, using an anion exchange resin. 

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Efficient and robust performance

The dye concentration in the solution processed by the SpinChem® RBR kept a constant slope throughout the entire run, while the concentration in the STR set-up stagnated. This together with the significantly faster and superior performance of the RBR, makes the RBR technology a very useful tool in the processing of highly viscous solutions.


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