Easy and efficient chemical catalysis

The SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) has been proven to be a very useful tool in biocatalysis applications, but can just as well be utilized in chemical reactions catalysed by e.g. ion exchange resins, oxides or transition metals.

High conversions and long catalyst lifespan

Using the SpinChem® RBR with transition metal adsorbed onto activated carbon has been shown to result in high conversions and easy and efficient recycling of the catalyst in transfer hydrogenation applications. The induced mass transfer, together with the protecting environment inside the RBR compartments and lack of filtration steps, means fast reactions, easy workups and long catalyst lifespans.

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Materials and applications

For further chemical catalysis applications, the SpinChem® RBR can be used with heterogeneous acid catalysts such as ion exchange resins, phosphoric acid, and protonic zeolites, while some examples of suitable base catalysts include alkaline zeolites and salts, as well as ion exchangers, clays and oxides. Besides hydrogenation, catalytic applications include esterification, etherification, alkylation and aldol reactions.


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