One-pot multi-step reactions

The SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) is well-suited for performing cascade reactions for one-pot multi-step synthesis. Such applications include the use of multiple enzymes to catalyse different steps in a reaction, or combining a metal catalyst together with a scavenger.

Simultaneous and selective extraction

To visually illustrate a one-pot multi-step process using the SpinChem® RBR, two dyes were extracted simultaneously onto two different resins within the same run. Selectivity was achieved by adsorbing the blue dye onto polystyrenic polymer beads through hydrophobic interactions, while the red dye was adsorbed through ionic interactions onto an ion exchange resin.

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Serial or parallel multi-step reactions

For a streamlined, as well as time and resource efficient process, the four compartments of the SpinChem® RBR can be filled with different resins, to perform multiple reaction steps in series or in parallel. This could mean loading the RBR with different enzymes catalysing different reaction steps, or utilizing a transition metal catalyst to carry out the reaction, combined with a metal scavenger to ensure a product free from metal residues.


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